We stood in Tianamen Square in Beijing, China in 2003. In 1989 hundreds of protesters were killed while taking a stand for democratic and religious freedom.  There are now more underground believers than members of the communist party!

We are going into a remote village of Southern  India where the gospel has never been heard or a white man has ever been seen. 

My missionary host was a Hindu priest as well as his father and grandfather. His wife pictured with us was a firewalker. Since 1993 he had won over 1 million Hindus to Christ. at that time over 7,000 unreached people groups were in India, 70% of the world. 

All my children in Indian village. They loved chocolates! I dreamed in 2000 I was standing before the massive skeleton of an elephant. Hundreds were worshipping him. I was pointing them to the cross. The name of the village was Sriviluipittur  which means in the Tamil language where the elephant has come.

With my associate Brent White and the Bishop of Cuba in Havana. 

My first trip to Ghana . Behind us is the African side of the Atlantic. My pastor is Rev. Tom Donkor. Our missionary is Adom Bamfi. Outdoor meetings in Kumasi. Flight from Accra. 

With our group in Havana, Cuba a ministry to AIDS victims. 

We met a secret Chinese believer who was a former U.S. President's personal photographer while he was visiting China.

The Chinese believer to the far right with his hands raised spent 26 years in prison for holding up a banner of John 3:16. Currently there are approximately 26,000 believers being baptized in underground churches every day! Even with a 0% population growth, it would take 60 years to reach 

the nation of 1.5 billion. 

I'm standing behind Pastor Nieto in his church  Havana, Cuba on Easter Sunday 2002. Over 4,000 believers have gathered in a communist nation.

                               The largest church in Cuba.

4,000 members in a communist nation. They gave 90 percent of their income to reach the nation. They established over 100 churches in the island 700 mi long only 90 miles from Miami.

Lady to the left unable to walk- healed. 

Child was blind, deaf and mute. After prayer responded to sound and light. Due to her condition she was never named. We named her Mary before leaving the village. 

With the Bishop of Hong Kong in Tianjin, China. 

This man in Tamil Nadu , India was blind was dramatically healed.

200 foot statute of Christ over Havana, Cuba a Communist country.

Secret Believers in a Muslim Restaurant in Tianjin, China.

In one trip our group smuggled 400 Bibles. At that time there

was only 1 Bible in China for 50,000 people. 

With Alejandro Nieto pastor of largest church in Cuba. Known as the "Cuban Billy Graham" . Castro government called him "The most dangerous man in Cuba." We had Easter lunch in his home. Arrested in 2009 he died in prison at the age of 49. " Great is his reward."

At Uyghur (pronounced weegur) Muslim restaurant. In 2000 there were approximately 12 million in China without one known believer. The communist government imprisoned as many as a million for their faith , mostly muslim.